3 Speed Ventilateur Brumisateur Mist Fan

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Taurus presents the Ventilateur Brumisateur Cooling Mist Fan. The Cooling Mist Fan has a sensor touch control panel with large FND display and room temperature display. It has a massive 3.1 litre capacity that allows for 17 hours of uninterrupted mist. It comes standard with an ice pad for cooling, water outlet to remove the remaining water easily. The Cooling Mist fan also comes with an Aroma case and a built in ionizer for cleaner air and has a mosquito repelling function.

  • Sensor touch control panel large fnd display with room temperature display
  • Large water tank capacity: 3.1l
  • Three mist volume: low/med/high
  • Low:180ml/h, med:230ml/h, high:280ml/hour)
  • Last 17 hours mist at the longest (to calculate the low mist volume)
  • With 1pc ice pad for cooling
  • With water outlet to remove the remaining water easily
  • With aroma case
  • With ionizer for cleaning air
  • With mosquito repeller function
  • Three speeds of winds: low/med/high
  • Three modes of winds: normal/nature/sleep
  • Left and right oscillation
  • Tilt angel adjusted
  • With 12 hours timer
  • With remote control
  • With movable castor
  • 71*16mm copper motor
  • 5 as blades, with wire fan guard
  • 220~240v, 50hz, 90w
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