Taurus Hair Dryer Ionic Function With Diffuser Red 3Heat Settings 2400W "Fashion 2500 Ionic"

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Taurus presents the Fashion 2500 Ionic hair dryer. High-power ionic professional AC motor to dry your hair quickly and make incredible hairstyles.||

  • 2400w
  • Elegant garnet metallic finish and soft-touch grip
  • Generates negative ions that neutralize the static electricity of the hair, shiny finish and no frizz
  • Ac professional motor, professional finish in a short time
  • 3 temperature levels / 2 power levels
  • 8mm concentrator and professional diffuser
  • Removable filter for easy cleaning
  • Cold blow to fix the hair
  • Hanging ring
  • Cable length 168 cm
  • Accessories: professional diffuser and narrow 8mm hub
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