Taurus Iron Steam Station Ceramic White 1.2l 2350W "Alyssa 45 Non Stop"

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Alyssa 45 Non Stop is an elegant ironing center that can regulate the continuous steam between 40 and 120 gr / min. Its tank is 1.2 liters and has a system of water loading Non Stop System, which will allow you to load the water in the tank without turning off the ironing center.

  • 2350 w
  • 4.5 bar
  • Non stop system: limited charging system
  • Large removable water tank: 1.2l
  • 4.5 bars steam pressure
  • Steam adjustable between 40 and 120gr / min
  • 3 indicator lights: heating plate, boiler heating and steam point
  • Anti calc system: easy, efficient and fast system that allows a correct cleaning of the boiler
  • Vertical ironing
  • Antibacterial vapor
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