Taurus Vacuum Cleaner Lithium Ion Automatic Plastic Black 500ml 14.8V "Urban G700"

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Forget about running the broom or vacuum cleaner and let the Urban G700 do it for you. Compact and slim design for all corners, even under the bed! It has built in Gyro technology and a downloadable APP for your mobile phone. With anti-fall sensors and anti-scratch protector for maximum efficiency. Get the best results thanks to its two side brushes and its mop and vacuum function. Let Urban G700 keep your house clean and start enjoying your free time.

  • Gyro navigation
  • Brushless dc motor
  • 1800pa suction
  • Lithium battery
  • Docking station
  • Climbing obstacles up to 7.1cm
  • Run time: 90min
  • Dust bin capacity: 500ml
  • 76mm high
  • Smart electric controlled water tank
  • 3 speeds - normal, medium, maximum
  • Cleaning mode: auto sweeping, edge, random and powerful
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