Taurus Vacuum Cleaner Lithiun Ion Automatic Plastic Black 500ml 14.8V 'Urban L800'

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The Taurus Urban L800 laser robot vacuum cleaner has and elegant design with PREMIUM finishes in black and gold. Elegant Laser Smart memory and laser navigation that maps and draws all rooms, obstacles and corners of the home. Perfect for any home!

  • Laser technology with smart navigation
  • 20 minute run time
  • Brushless dc motor
  • 2300pa suction
  • Lithium battery
  • Docking station
  • Climbing obstacles up to 7.1cm
  • Run time: 120min
  • Dust bin capacity: 500ml
  • 76mm high
  • Smart electric controlled water tank
  • 3 speeds - normal, medium, maximum
  • 10 cleaning modes: auto, select room, perimeter, spiral, manual, return home, maximum power, restriction area, restriction wall, spot cleaning
  • App control. compatible with alexa & google assistant
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