Taurus Wine Aerator Dispenser Stainless Steel Rechargeable"Vino Flow Elite"

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Meet the Taurus VinoFlow Elite Electrical Wine Aerator Dispenser – a sleek stainless steel marvel. With a one-press automatic dispensing feature and built-in wine aerating setting, it effortlessly elevates your wine experience. Powered by a lithium battery, it can dispense over 30 bottles on a single charge, making it a stylish and efficient addition to your wine rituals."

  • 1. luxury appearance with stainless steel case
  • 2. one press for automatic wine dispensing and press again to stop
  • 3. build-in wine aerating setting, instantly aerates the wine while dispensing, saving 15-20 minutes
  • 4. able to dispense over 30 bottles of wine after fully charged
  • 5. powered by lithium battery
  • 6. type-c charging port
  • 7. flexible and removable tube that is easy to use and clean
  • 8. food-grade materials
  • 5w
  • 3.7v
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