Taurus Coffee Maker Automatic With Coffee Bean Grinder Black Wifi Enabled 19Bar 1480W "Aroma De Cafe"

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This Taurus Automatic Coffee Maker provides the ultimate coffee experience in the comfort of your own home. With its built-in refrigeration system no need to run to the fridge for that milk top up. Whats more is its operated by a stylish touch panel and has wifi connectivity, so now you can brew a cup of coffee from anywhere and it can be ready for you when you get home or when you simply climb out of bed.

  • 1480w
  • Pump: italy ulka (19 bar)
  • Water tank: 1.5l capacity
  • 4.3 inch touch panel
  • Coffee bean grinder capacity: 150g*2
  • Grinding speed: 1-1,5g/s
  • Grind settings: 1 - 5
  • Brewing unit: 7-12g capacity (ss304 cavity)
  • Built-in milk refrigerator
  • Milk cooling temp: 2-9 degrees celsius
  • Milk foam adjust: automatic, setting on the menu
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