Taurus Heater Electric & Gas Aluminium White 4200W "Hibrido" #

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The HIBRIDO Electric Gas heater has a unique folding design for easy storage. It produces 4.2Kw of heating power through the 3 ceramic heat plates and 1200W of power with the 3 Quartz heating bars. With sturdy castor wheels for easy mobility.

  • Piezo electric ignition
  • Floor standing with 5 castor wheels
  • 3 quartz heating elements
  • 3 ceramic plates
  • Ods & ffd device
  • Anti-tilt device
  • 0.6mm body wrap thickness
  • 1.0mm plate base panel thickness
  • Up to 9kg gas bottle
  • 1.5 - 4.2kw
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