Taurus Heater Plug-In Black Dual Heat Settings 500W Tropicano Plug Heater

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Portable, lightweight and super compact mini ceramic heater. Cordless, plugs directly into power. Ideal for home, office and caravan. Choose the desired temperature and forget about the feeling of cold while enjoying a pleasant environment, it has two flow intensities, an adjustable thermostat and a timer.|

  • 500w
  • Ptc technology: ultra fast heating thanks to its ceramic system
  • Digital screen
  • Integrated selectors
  • Timer up to 12 hours
  • Programmable thermostat
  • Led lighting
  • Lightweight, 400 grams of weight
  • Cordless, plugs directly into power
  • 2 hot air flow intensities
  • Cooling mode: once turned off it cools down for 1 minute so you can safely disconnect it
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