Taurus Vacuum Cleaner Cordless Upright Plastic White 500Ml 22.2V "Ultimate Go" #

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The Ultimate Go cordless vacuum cleaner is completely versatile and extremely light. Its scarce 2 Kg of weight will allow you to vacuum even high areas without the need to exert effort.

  • 22.2v lithium batteries light, long-lasting and fast recharge in 4h
  • 35 min. autonomy. vacuum up to 200m2 in one go battery charge level indicator with 5 leds, from 20% to 100%
  • Max agility: very powerful and extremely light 2kg vacuum cleaner
  • Two speeds: eco and turbo
  • Turbo brush all road brush, 1 single brush for all types of floors: tiles, parquet, carpets and rugs
  • Optic led lighting on the brush. great visibility under furniture and in dark areas
  • Rotating joint on the 180º brush
  • Silent (77dba)
  • Large ergonomic handle with 270º grip. handle it from any angle
  • Triple advance filtration: triple filtering of dirt. 99% cleaner air.
  • Metal mesh filter is the largest dirt barrier.
  • Cyclone filter, the cyclone separates the air from the dust that thanks to the centrifugal force it generates precipitates to the bottom of the tank.
  • High higenic filter filter. washable microfiber filter that captures the smallest particles.
  • Removable and washable filters
  • Deposit with 500ml capacity and touch & clean hygienic emptying
  • One touch: assemble and disassemble accessories with a single click
  • 70cm aluminum extension tube, very light
  • Accessories: lance "extensive" for corners or places of difficult access, multipurpose brush "detail brush" for furniture and special brush for upholstery
  • Wall bracket included
  • Includes cleaning brush
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